4Power Bikes   Go faster!

Add arm power — go faster with less fatigue!

"Recumbents are slower on hills" — not this one!

The 4PowerBikes kit lets you add arm power to your recumbent. It requires no frame modifications, and thus is completely reversible.

Ergometer and riding tests show that the addition of arm power allows you to maintain a higher aerobic level. You're getting better exercise. More important, you're going faster!

The FAQ page goes into more detail. There's also an article that describes some of the ergometer and riding tests. Other pages show pictures and videos of some installations of the arm power kit.

Please email me if you have any questions!

Larger view / more info

Background on the arm-power retrofit

Here is the article I wrote that appeared in "Human Power: Technical Journal of the IHPVA in Spring 2002: Adding Arm Power to a Recumbent (pdf). (The article is extracted from the full issue.)

The article describes my initial prototypes, and several tests I made; my conclusion then — and now — is that arm-power allows me to go significantly faster than an upright in most situations — even in long uphills.

Photos and videos

Arm power added to ICE Trice recumbent tricycle

Arm power added to EZ-3 recumbent tricycle

Videos of arm-power in action

Ben Brown's EZ-1 with arm power

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